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We are pleased to provide a range of simple do-it-yourself legal documents available online for you to access 24/7. Prepare simple documents yourself by answering the step by step interview questions, clever lawyer bots will prepare the documents based on your answers and your document is delivered to you when you have completed the interview. The entire process is automated for your convenience!

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Personal Matters


Record your wishes about what happens to your assets when you die.


A Living Will to record your wishes about your health and care.

Certificate of Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney

Confirming you have authority to act on someone else’s behalf.

Power of Attorney & Deed of Delegation

Grant a general authority to appoint someone else to act on your behalf.

Documents for Trusts

Basic Memorandum of Wishes

Directions to your Trustees about how your Trust should operate when you die.

Deed of Acknowledgment of Debt

Record a debt owed to your trust by a borrower.

Resolutions of Annual Trust Meeting

Record your annual Trust meeting.

Change of Trustee Deed & Resolutions

Recording changes to Trustees within your Trust.

Business Documents

Confidentiality Agreement

Make sure your sensitive information and business secrets are protected.

Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement builder.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Providing guidance to your Employees.

Website Privacy Policy

Protecting your business on the world wide web.

Website Terms & Conditions

Protecting your business on the world wide web.

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